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The Emerald Nightmare 7/7H 0/7M
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The wizard's tower

An ivory tower shrouded by mystery. The final residence of Medivh, last Guardian of Tirisfal. Now home for ghostly presences, demonic invaders and shiny purplies.

Karzahan is a place we know well from earlier excursions under different circumstances but tonight was the first time we entered the place under the Hex tag without any guests tagging along for the ride.

Nine members, of which two fulfilling a role different from what they normally do, attended the evening's event. An event that, after a few initial suprise ready-checks by yours truly, went as smooth as ever. Tonks were driven, bosses were killed, screenshots were taken and purplies were to be had.
A special congratulation to Whopper who, long being deprived of a suiting healing weapon, recieved not one but two new maces. Is dual-wielding for druids too much to ask for?

Hex has now "officially" cleared out Karazhan. We will still come back for badges and the few upgrades still present in the tower but our focus is, and will stay, at a threat bigger than these restless ghost. The fortress of the savage Amani tribe.

Welcome to the jungle

After a week plagued by unstable connections, massive hail storms and spontaneously combusting computers the 8th of June saw Hex heading back into the ruins of the Amani tribe. A force of nine, including new recruit Scarlok, started off the evening's excursion by revisiting the altar of Nalorakk and Akil'zon. Our goal this time around was to complete not just the first but also the second part of the timed event. And indeed, after the eagle avatar hit the ground in a cloud of feathers, two relieved prisoners thanked us for freeing them from the grasp of the Amani. We picked up our rewards and headed on towards our nemesis from our previous adventure, Jan'alai.

On our way to the dragonhawk avatar our resident warlock Wuksus showed up and rounded off the raid. After a failed first attempt to get everyone up to date with the fight we collected new strength and headed back into the fry, crying out for our favourite rogue with a broken computer. This time everything went according to plan. Dragonhawks were obliterated, bombs were avoided and it wasn't long until the troll bit the dust.

High on the thrill of this new accomplishment Hex quickly decided that this night's raid wouldn't end here. It was time to go and take a look at our next target, the lynx avatar Halazzi.

An aura of ill intent grew thicker as we cut our way through the ever more lush vegetation. The pine trees slowly gave way to a thick jungle and it seemed as if a pack of trolls and savage beast were lurking behind every turn.

As we reached Halazzi's chamber a less than friendly welcome ceremony was awaiting our arrival. The avatar glared at us from his temple but there was no way back. As we engaged our foe the thick gates closed behind and minor chaos ensured as we desperately tried to get to grips with the encounter.

Recollecting ourselves from the initial defeat we headed back in for a second try. This time everyone was aware of the mechanics of the fight and we soon realized that the rumours surrounding the strength of this warlord were somewhat... exaggerated. On our second attempt the avatar fell without too much trouble.

Having completed the second part of the timed event undermanned and defeated two new foes we were more than happy with the result of the excursion and we decided to call it a night. Next time we head back into the stronghold of the Amani we should be able to see what Hex Lord Malacrass has to offer.

This is our land! This, is troll land!

The air was thick and the stench of dark magic heavy when the brave adventurers of Hex ventured into the ruins of Zul'Aman for their first guild-only raid. Resident tree druid Whopper convinced his friend Harrison Jones to help us enter the place and as the gong rang and the heavy gates of Zul'Aman swung open the savage residents of the ruins greeted us with a less than warm welcome.

Their ambush (which led to the tragic demise of our dear companion Harrison Jones) did however not deter us the slightest and with swiftness and determination we cut our way through the trolls and bears towards the first leader of the Amani.

The bear avatar Nalorakk awaited us on his platform. Perhaps suprised by our onslaught, he was lying dead at our feet before he realized it. With four minutes to spare before the troll's first sacrifice we recieved the warm gratetude of the first prisoner.

We continued through the old ruins and made our way up to the second leader of the Amani, the eagle avatar Akil'zon. The cunning troll put up a good fight, but once everyone had adjusted to deal with his electric storm from the first attempt we brought it down on our second taking.

As we ventured deeper into the ancient troll temple we met our match in the dragonhawk avatar, Jan'alai, who unfortunately managed to halt our adventures for now. With a final attempt bringing him down to 16% health there is no doubt we will defeat him next time we enter the ruins, and we will add his dragonhawk head to our trophy collection.
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