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The Emerald Nightmare 7/7H 0/7M
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Killed some stuff, no biggie

We killed some guys and destroyed some things.

First off was Hellfire Assault, but the only thing they assaulted was our dignity as they pretended to be more than glorified trash. We set them straight.

Siegemaster Mar'tak ran off from the trash surrounding her in Hellfire Assault, so it's ironic that she came back in an Iron Reaver assembled from various hunks of fel trash. Trash is still trash, so we made sure to disassemble it again and send the parts back to recycling. Gotta think about that environmental footprint!

Kormok, though, doesn't give a damn about the environment, which is evident by the abundant puddles of ominously colored goo he likes to go skinny dipping in. With all of that radiation flowing around, I'd hate to see his kids, but we took care of that by giving him a swift kick to the balls and a bonk on the noggin, which should ensure he never has any.

On to Hellfire High Council, they're definitely high on something. Gurtogg needs to chill out with his roids, Jubei'thos is obviously shroomed up judging from all that spinning around, and with all the syphilis Dia is spreading around there's no wonder she's so cranky. Unfortunately we were all out of synthetic opioids and medical grade penicillin, so we saw no other option than to put this menage-a-trois out of their misery.

And finally, on to the delusional Kilrogg, who failed to win our hearts - though not for want of trying. Apparently, gouging out one of your eyes out does impair your depth perception, so we dodged his feeble swings and laid an end to the Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow.


- Archimonde, 16 October 2015

Well, maybe he didn't really say that. Maybe he did. We're not exactly kids anymore anyway, as it feels like a whole lifetime ago when we first started our attempts on him. After close to 200 wipes, it's a huge relief to finally see Archimonde hit the floor and Gul'dan banished from Draenor. Congratulations everyone, and a massive thanks to everyone involved for your perseverence and patience. On to greater things! Smiley

Mandatory screenshot:

And almost as mandatory video:

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/YaoVZPCtPm4" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/v/YaoVZPCtPm4</a>


With the arrival of the legion on Draenor to bolster Gul'dans forces it was again left to the brave, adventurous souls of Hexx to save the day. We took it upon ourselves to crush some demons and tie up all the loose ends that our time traveling antics started on this alternate world.

First up was to assault the gates of Hellfire Citadel itself and so after clearing thrash pack after thrash pack after thrash pack we realised we had actually defeated the first encounter. Slaughtering Orc's was clearly something everybody had become very proficient at over the past two years. Next up was a souped-up Iron Reaver with flight capability and a huge arsenal of destructive weaponry to boot. Last up for the initial assault was Kormrok, not to be confused with Kromag (No relations). Hexx proved more than up to the challenge, and the monstrous creature fell.

Up next on the hit-list was a familiar foe, Gurtogg Bloodboil, along with the rest of his Council. Their best efforts were not enough to impede our advance into the Citadel and the council members were clinically executed one by one. Moving forward we came onto the chambers of Kilrogg Deadeye, Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow Clan. He foresaw his own demise long ago at the cost of his eye, so who were we to disappoint him.

The way was then clear to witness the monstrous rebirth of Teron Gorefiend, his vast gluttonous soul hungry body occupying the better part of his lair. Gorefiend's greed knew no bounds, and it was the champions of Hexx who stepped up to (again) deal with the crafty Orc. Racing against his ravenous appetite, Hexx managed to deal a devastating blow against Gul'dan's Legion and Gorefiend was slain, his hunger finally sated by death.

Shadow Lord Iskar was the next fowel henchman to be dispatched, and after a riveting game of hot potato Hexx did just did and Iskar was defeated amidst a flurry of feathers and flames. We made our way deeper into the bowels of the Citadel and come across Socrethar the eternal. We promptly smashed his face in with the help of a flawlessly piloted Mech construct. Fel lord Zakuun, the warden of Grommash, followed and was quickly overrun

Moving up the chain of command we arrived at the Tyant Velhari's residence. Velhari demanded precision of movement, and serious dance dance revolution skills to get past her first onslaught, and then proceeded to push us to our limits as we attempted to end the tyrant before she steadily drained away our lives and finished us. But despite all she threw at our Hero's, we bested Velhari and moved on to the pinnacle of Hellfire Citadel.

Here we came upon the servants of Gul'dan reforming Manneroth on Draenor and we moved to prevent this beasts full return. The fury of the legion fell upon us as we battled this legendary Demon. We dealt we being forcibly pushed off ledges, huge blasts of force that sent us flying of those same ledges, and inexplicably walking through solid walls again off those ledges. After a titanic battle, Manneroth was destroyed.

Archimonde the Destroyer of Worlds himself still awaits us, and Hexx is more than up for the challenge of taking down one of the most powerful entity's that was ever seen on Azeroth.

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