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The Emerald Nightmare 7/7H 0/7M
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Hexx has taken two new steps along the road of glory. Too fast for any man to possibly post about in time! Beastlord Darmac and his menagerie of terror proved no match for our implacable warriors, and some plant monster Brackenspore also met his end.

We had entered the foul smelling, animal obsessed Orc's den without fear. With impressive dexterity we dodged spears as we battled and butchered our way through each of the packs of poor rabid animals he had sent at us. We dispatched each of Darmac's favoured mounts in turn, the fool even let us determine the order of their slaughter.

Darmac dismounted the lifeless corpses of his final favoured pet and in a near bestial rage (having realised he should have let loose all four together) spewed endless fire and destruction down on us. It was a race to see which group could kill the other first ... A Race he lost.

Following the battle we set out for some R&R upon an idealistic beach. Unfortunately the monstrous plant behemoth Brackenspore had other ideas. Bringing his own brand of beach party involving impromptu surf sessions and unnecessary mushroom fuelled dance-offs it was down to us to clean the seas of this beach-bro and his crew.

The fight demanded clean execution, and this we mostly delivered on. Through plenty of miss communication including our warriors forgetting how to count, the doom-saying of our resident priest and heaps of vague wave alerts ("Its a little bit safe"), the weed was finally whacked.

Mythic Gruul, Careful now

You can't teach an old dog new tricks is an old idiom that did not entirely hold up for our Ol' Pal Gruul from times past. He still had a few surprises left in him, which we learnt the hard way.

We persevered through Slices and smashes, fire (always with the fire), stone and taunt-pulls ( sorry about that one ), to being splatted and dismembered but every time we suffered we learnt and grew stronger.

Finally we were ready for the Ugly Gronn, to perform for Gruul the dance of death we had perfected just for him. With clinical precision he was executed, and our first foothold into the mythical Blackrock Foundry was secured.

Blackhand - Insert witty remark here

After making the necessary sacrifices to the lift god, we finally assembled before the Warlord of the Blackrock Clan with vengeance in our hearts and purple pixels in our eyes.

With reckless enthusiasm we threw ourselves at this monstrous orc again and again. Maintaining iron focus we dodged mines, fire, tanks and knives thrown with impossible force, all whilst the very floor was breaking beneath us. Once, twice, the Warlord smashed through the levels of his forge until we reached the core. Here the monster made his final stand.

As one we fought on. Pushed to our very limits, we struck him with everything we had left within us. The raging crys of our warriors could be heard over the din of battle as they were sent flying again and again by Blackhand's mighty hammer blows, but we were unrelenting in our onslaught. In the final moments, a brave few sacrificed their very lives to let others fight on, a sacrifice each and every one of us would have made, and Blackhand was slain!

The Warlord is no more, and Hexx moves on, ready for the challenges to come!

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