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Author Topic: How to apply to Hexx  (Read 38594 times)

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Greetings traveller!

This document contains all information regarding the application procedure for joining Hexx.

Recruitment Status

Our Legion roster is looking strong and we are currently not in need of anything in particular. Still, please feel free to chat with a member of the management as requirements may change, and exceptional applications will always be considered.

Important note

When posting an application to Hexx, please DO NOT try to register on the site prior to posting your application. To prevent spam and abuse of the raid calendar we have designed our application system to work with unregistered guest accounts; this is more than sufficient for the first parts of the application procedure.

If you pass the initial parts of the application procedure and get invited for a trial period you will be registered on the site using the name of your main character. An email sent through the board will allow you to login from therein onwards. Please change your password from the default when you first log in.

The Application Procedure

In Hexx we believe that having a consensus among the members is decisive in the success of a guild. As a result, our recruitment is selective and only players with the right mindset will be considered for membership. Please take the time to read through the informational threads on this forum to familiarise yourself with our guild, and to make sure we are the right guild for you before you decide to apply.

The application procedure consists of two steps which must be completed successfully for full membership. This procedure is our way to make sure all of our members are here for the right reasons as well as a way for applicants to find out if Hexx is the right guild for them.

Step 1 Initially the applicant places a written application on the guild website using the application template found below. Based on the written application we will form our first impression of an applicant. The management will follow up the application with questions and clarifications for as long as they deem necessary to make a judgement as to whether the applicant could potentially fit into the guild or not.

It may take a few days for the management to get back to you; this is because we like to be thorough in our discussions so do not take this as a bad sign. If you have been declined we will always reply to say so.

Step 2 The next step is a trial membership within the guild (known as the tadpole rank). During the trial period the management will see how the tadpole performs in a raid setting and more importantly, how s/he blends in with the other members. The trial period goes on until the management is confident the tadpole fits or does not fit into the guild, but will generally take around four weeks.

After a couple of weeks in the guild, management tend to have a catch-up chat with the tadpole to ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly. This is a chance for both sides to discuss any concerns, issues, and try to smooth anything over if need be. This is also a chance for the tadpole to give their opinion on the running of the guild and make any suggestions, which are always welcome.

When the management decides a person has had a sufficiently long trial period, guild members are invited to vote on the matter, giving their opinion and reasoning on whether a tadpole should be promoted to full member or not. A high amount of votes one way or another will decide the outcome, as long as there is solid reasoning and proof behind the arguments. If the result isn't outright, the management may choose to extend the trial period at their discretion. The tadpole will be kept fully-informed of the status of events going on during this period.

Once the tadpole passes this stage s/he gets promoted to a full Hexian with the same rights and obligations as all other members.

We'd like to point out that we appreciate that our recruitment process is rather drawn-out. The fact of the matter is, to go through the entire process will take a fair amount of time. Nevertheless, we don't regret this as we like to be as sure as possible that the people we recruit will fit right into Hexx. We hope you understand.

Private Applications

We understand that sometimes people have legitimate reasons to want their application out of the public eye, and in these situations we can accommodate. It should be known that we don't treat them lightly though, and private applications should have a strong reason for doing so that can stand up to scrutiny. If they fail to do so, they may be asked to reapply publicly, or just declined outright.

Don't feel that you should place a private application simply because you would be comfortable telling us more about yourself that way. These details can be discussed in due course, and you are free to mention as much in a public application.

If you would like to send a private application to Hexx, please fill out the template as normal and then send it in an email to the address: hexx-coa@outlook.com

Please note that unless you state otherwise, the application will still be placed on internal boards for guild members of Hexx to see and comment upon. As before, you should provide a reason for your decision if you don't want this to happen.

Important: When sending a private application, be sure to send a member of the Management (or preferably all of them) an in-game mail informing them of your application. This is because we won't check this email account all the time, and we may miss your application.

A note for hybrid classes

While a hybrid class applies for a specific role and will be considered based on this role, building up a decent off-spec set and being willing to step into a different role is a huge plus, as versatility is crucial in a guild such as ours.

Application Template

Real name (first name will suffice):

Character name:
Class and main talent specialization:
Off-spec talent specialization:
Armory link:
Is this your main character?

Where did you find out about Hexx?

Have you read and do you agree with our guild ethos?

We raid Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, from ~20:00 to ~23:00 (exact times can be found in the Guild Ethos) server time. On rare occasions our raids end a little later than that. Will you be able to attend most of these raids?

Are you willing and able to log onto a voice chat server for communication in and out of raids? Speaking is not required, though it is encouraged.

What made you apply to Hexx over other guilds on the server? If you are cross-realm, why choose us over everyone else? How do you feel you would fit in? What are your motivations/expectations?

Please tell us a bit about yourself (the person behind the character), and your interests outside of WoW

Please tell us about your history across your main characters. What previous guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? When and why did you start playing the character you are applying with? If you have changed mains, why did you choose to? Feel free to expand upon your answers as you see fit.

Can you list your previous and current raiding experience (achieved when current content), along with anything of note, for example specific roles you might have fulfilled. If it's spread across multiple characters, please state which class and role you were fulfilling in each section.

Please tell us which addons you use on your character. Why do you use the ones you have chosen?

How do you prepare for a raid? Go into as much detail as possible as to what you do to help the raid succeed.

Please tell us a little about how you play your class. How do you find out or research the theory behind it? How do you decide on upgrades? The more detail the better.

Do you have any questions for us?
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