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Author Topic: Hexx Guild Ethos  (Read 11773 times)

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« on: 12 May '08, 11:19 »

The Vision

The aim of Hexx is to accommodate respectful raiding for social players. In order to support this vision, Hexx was founded as a 10-player raiding guild, which it remained until Warlords of Draenor. We prefer the idea of a close-knit, solid and friendly team of members who know each other well working in a relaxed atmosphere and maintain this dynamic in 20-player raiding by keeping a small roster of 26 raiders.

Respectful raiding means that we believe in the possibility to enjoy the end-game content of World of Warcraft without sacrificing real-life relations. We understand that a full time raid schedule will be impossible to balance with offline activities and that urgent real-life obligations always will have to take priority over raiding.

Respectful raiding does also mean that we realize that raiding involves other people and their time. In Hexx we understand how precious time is and as a result we aim to raid as effective as possible when we raid. Members of Hexx prepare themselves for raids by reading up on new tactics and discuss new encounters on the guild site, they bring all consumables necessary to perform at their best and go out of their way to fully understand their role in a raid situation. This to make the most out of the limited time available.

Social players realize that the true value in a multiplayer game lies in meeting and spending time with other people. Gear can be a mean to reach a certain end but pales in comparison to the reward true comraderie can offer. A social player is curious about his fellow guild members and wants to get to know them better, and makes frequent use of the guild chat and site in order to do so.

In short we're aiming to keep a good balance between real life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding.

The Guild

Hexx is located on the European Chamber of Aspects server, where we moved at the start of 2012. We were founded in the spring of 2008 by Tzatziki, Aegnor, and Kesela on the European Nagrand server. The current Management comprises of  Mezegis, Lemaitre, Zarood and Sílvos.

We are a guild for adult players who enjoy the social qualities of a multiplayer game while still wanting to play the game seriously and experience high-end PvE content. In Hexx we value the atmosphere within the guild and we will protect our vision with all means necessary.

The guild is managed by the management team who are the only members with the right to invite, promote, demote and remove members. The management team discusses issues internally before making decisions. On major decisions the management team will consult the members through the guild website before coming to a final decision. All decisions will be taken with the aim to protect the vision of the guild and ensure a pleasant experience for the members of the guild.

Members of Hexx come from different countries and cultural backgrounds from all over Europe. English is the language of communication within the guild and members should try to express themselves as well as being considerate to the fact that a large portion of the members don't have English as their native language.

In order to fulfil our vision of respectful raiding in a social atmosphere we emphasize time management, team-work and personal responsibility while being keen not to pass blame. Members are expected to do their very best in our raids but will not be frowned upon when making a mistake as long as they learn from it. We want to do well while still enjoying the ride. However this is no excuse to slack off; the rest of the raid carrying a member through is unacceptable.

We raid with a clear goal to progress through content rather than farm gear. Our current raid progress is outlined in the progression roadmap.
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When raiding the ability to work together with a larger team to tackle greater challenges is by far the most important aspect of a player.

A member should always come prepared to all raids. A more precise list of requirements can be found under the Hexx Guide to Raiding.

Members should always strive to improve their personal performance to the best of their ability. This includes going out of the way to learn how to play his/her class on a high level, trying to improve his/her gear outside of raids, enchanting and socketing all new gear.

Paying attention and being able to follow instructions is possibly the most important feature of a raider. When we raid the word of the raid leader is final. Members are encouraged to chat and discuss tactics in-between pulls, but when raiding everything has its time and place, and when we assign roles and distribute loot it's not the right time.

Communication in a Hexx raid is done via a voice chat client; currently we are using Discord. It is expected that each member of Hexx is able to log on to this and hear what is being said. Speaking is encouraged but by no means required. Server details and a short guide to setting it up are documented internally on the forum.

Members must make frequent use of the raid calendar. Whether one can come or not, members are expected to confirm their status for a given raid well in advance. If a member cannot come to a raid, or is uncertain of his/her status s/he's expected to leave a comment explaining his/her situation.

For Warlords of Draenor, it will be required that members do not raid outside of the guild on their main character on Mythic difficulty. It will also be required, during the start of a new tier, that members do not raid outside of the guild on their main character on Heroic difficulty whilst we are still running it as a guild. This is to maximise loot gains as people being on loot-lock will reduce the amount of drops for the guild as a whole, and to allow us to get used to tactics and strategies together.

Once a tier moves to the point where we are focusing on Mythic only, members are welcome to pug Heroic if they so wish. There are no official guild LFR and Normal runs and pugging these is always allowed.

Raid times

Hexx raids three nights a week. The current raid days and times are:

Friday 20:15 - 23:30
Sunday 20:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 20:15 - 23:00

Members are expected to be online and ready to raid 10 minutes before the above times for invites; if a member is not online 10 minutes beforehand we reserve the right to call in a member on standby. During each raid the Management will call one small break of 10 minutes in which members can take the opportunity to take some time out, grab a drink, and generally do anything small that might've cropped up. In return it is expected that members will minimise time spent AFK outside of this designated period.


Hexx works with a combination of rolling and a loot council system rather than with a DKP system. All loot is handled by a master looter. The master looter is either the raid leader, or someone personally appointed by the raid leader.

Loot will be discussed after each boss kill, and each item will be subsequently announced in a Raid Warning. Everyone is allowed to show interest in a piece of loot. Members are welcome to bring up any relevant points if they see reason to. Those who have shown interest in the loot may be asked to roll, or in certain cases the management present will distribute the items to ensure fairness. This usually happens when a rare or highly sought-after piece of loot drops.

In these cases the master looter will make his/her final decision based on any of these factors:
  • How big of an upgrade is the item?
  • How much loot has this person already received?

The master looter will always strive to be as objective as possible. All final decisions are made by the master looter at his/her own discretion. The intent of the system is to be as fair as possible, and our members are trusted to use their common sense when rolling for items or deciding to pass to their teammates.

Often the members of Hexx involved with a piece of loot end up deciding who shall receive it without the master looter needing to handle anything.

Loot priority is as follows:
  • Main character - main spec
  • Main character - off spec

Guest raiders have the same loot privileges as guild members.
Loot that no-one wants will be disenchanted. All disenchanted mats will be deposited into the guild bank.

Complaints regarding loot do not belong in raid chat or guild chat. If a member has a complaint s/he is encouraged to whisper the master looter or send him/her a private message through the forum.

Off-spec roles

Being a guild that focuses on quality of members over quantity, we often rely upon our hybrid members' off-specs to fill in certain roles when for example encountering non-standard raid setups or if signups are lacking on a particular evening.

It is fairly important that every hybrid member employs a suitable raiding off-spec in case we require someone to step into this role. They are not expected to perform as diligently as they might in their main-spec, but contributing to the raid's success whilst in this role is the main goal.

A member is expected to have geared and gemmed appropriately for such a role, and to keep a few consumables on hand for when the situation arises.

In extreme situations where for example a member is required to fulfill their off-spec role for an extended amount of time, or where a member is required to respec to a third off-spec, the Guild bank will cover costs of respeccing and consumables e.g. Flasks or Elixirs. This rule is applied at the Management's discretion.
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« Reply #2 on: 12 May '08, 17:52 »


Members of Hexx realize that players in World of Warcraft are real people and treat them as such. They should always try to be respectful and humble when interacting with other people, inside or outside of the guild.

Whenever a member interacts with people, be it in Azeroth or on the official forums, s/he represents the guild. We ask members to always consider their action carefully as the actions of the members decides the face of the guild outwards. We don't look kindly on trolling, spamming and other behaviour that brings a bad name on the guild.

Patience is a virtue for members of Hexx. We will never sacrifice our greater vision for short term goals and patience among the members is essential in this respect.


In Hexx we communicate in proper English. This does not mean a fluent mastery of the English language but a willingness of each member to express himself to the best of his/her abilities and avoid excessive use of leetspeak or sloppy English.

Members of Hexx are encouraged to make frequent use of the tools of communication available to them such as the in-game guild chat and in particular, the guild website. The guild website is the heart of the organization for Hexx and it's of uttermost importance that members get comfortable with its features and make use of them.


Hexx is not a full time raiding guild but we expect a certain activity of the members. Members of Hexx are here because they enjoy the atmosphere in the guild and they wish to raid. Members should be able to attend most of the scheduled raids and find the time to farm consumables in between. If a member can't attend raids (or play at all) for an extended period of time we ask him/her to announce his/her absence through the guild website. If a character is offline for an extended amount of time without notification, he/she is liable to be removed from the guild.

Guild bank

The Guild bank is divided in three categories.

The first three tabs of the guild bank, the Free For All tabs, are as the name suggests free for all members to use. All members of Hexx can deposit, move and (to a limited extent) withdraw items. The items that go here all have a certain use for end-game content but are fairly cheap. Members are encouraged to use them responsibly but freely.

The second category, the Authenticated tabs, require members to have an Authenticator to be able to withdraw freely. These tabs contain raiding consumables and enchanting materials. In the event of a member not having an authenticator, the person is welcome to ask another guild member to withdraw items on their behalf.

The final category, the Restricted tabs, makes up the rest of the guild bank. Members of Hexx can deposit and view items in these tabs, but only officers can withdraw items. Items that go into this part of the bank are of a more valuable kind, such as high level recipes, high quality gear and epic gems. Members can request these items from the Vault through the Guild Bank sub-forum on the guild website.

The Guild bank allows repairs for full raiding members. This is always subject to change based on raiding costs, the essential ideal is that all repairs for gear damaged during raiding are covered.

The Guild bank stores materials for enchanting gear and keeps this stocked up as necessary. Every full raiding member of Hexx is allowed to use the materials they need to enchant their raiding gear, be it main-spec or off-spec, and they are free of charge.

The Guild bank is open to the idea of funding specific raiding-related purchases. If a member wishes to have for example, an item on the auction house, or certain crafting mats that will need to be purchased, a topic can be created in the Guild bank sub-forum to open this up for discussion. The management will make a decision based on various factors, and if successful the item or money will be sent through the mail.

Trialists can view the guild bank but cannot deposit, withdraw or request any items.

Alt characters

A member or trialist of Hexx is allowed to register their alt characters in the guild. We acknowledge that members like to play multiple characters and would enjoy each others company when doing so.

The members decide themselves which alts they want in the guild, anything but bank alts and mothballs are allowed.

We do not run official raids for alts however members are welcome to form their own alt raids. It is required that every member attends the official guild raids with their main character.

Leavetakings and the Exian status

Sometimes a member decides that s/he can no longer be a part of Hexx for whatever reason. This is usually because they no longer have the time to spare for World of Warcraft and decide to call it a day, but occasionally it might turn out that Hexx just isn't the right guild for them.

At times like the above, the Management can choose to offer the person an 'Exian' status. This allows the member to stay in touch through a number of internal boards, as much or as little as they like. Furthermore, at any point we can offer them and/or their alts an Exian rank within the guild, to keep in touch in-game, be a part of guildchat, and still run the odd dungeon or two.

It should be noted that this is not a social rank, so only Exians may use it. Furthermore, it is frowned upon for members jump between an Exian rank and Member rank. To dissuade this, upon demotion recruitment is officially opened for their previous spot, and there are no guarantees of promotion later on down the line.

The Management reserve the right to decide when and when not to grant someone this account type, as in some occasions it may not be deemed appropriate to do so. When the Management feel somebody is suitable for Exian status, there will first be an Exian Vote, to allow members to have their say also.


Members should always follow the official rules of play as defined by Blizzard in the end user licence agreement.

Staying up to date

Finally members are expected to keep themselves up to date with announcements and changes. These will almost exclusively be announced on the website (often in the form of sticky-posts). It is recommended that each guild member checks the guild forum at least once a day where possible, else they are liable to miss any last-minute changes. The management take no responsibility should this be the case.
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« Reply #3 on: 22 Nov '08, 14:22 »

When in doubt of the effects of the guild ethos the officers will assess the specific situation and interpret the guild ethos accordingly.

All information in the document is subject to change. Members will be kept up to date about any major changes in this document.
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