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Author Topic: Achertin - Demonology Warlock Application (correction)  (Read 259 times)
« on: 23 Feb '17, 19:08 »

Real name (first name will suffice): Lukas
Age: 14
Location: Tirol - Austria

Character name: Achertin
Class and main talent specialization: Demonology Warlock
Off-spec talent specialization: Destruction - but I've been leveling Demonology so haven't put much work into Destruction
Armory link:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Achertin/simple
Is this your main character?
Yes, it is.

Where did you find out about Hexx?
I was looking at some guilds on WoWProgrss because things haven't been going well in my current guild and from all of the guilds descriptions I saw this guild got my interest the most.

Have you read and do you agree with our guild ethos?
Yes I've read them and I agree to all of them.

We raid Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, from ~20:00 to ~23:00 (exact times can be found in the Guild Ethos) server time. On rare occasions our raids end a little later than that. Will you be able to attend most of these raids?
Yes I think I'll be able to attend the raids.

Are you willing and able to log onto a voice chat server for communication in and out of raids? Speaking is not required, though it is encouraged.
Yes I have got no problem with that since I am really social based player so when I am able to comunicate with other players I enjoy the game much better.

What made you apply to Hexx over other guilds on the server? If you are cross-realm, why choose us over everyone else? How do you feel you would fit in? What are your motivations/expectations?
Well form all of the descriptions of other guild they were a bit aggresive for me they had specific  requirements that you have to meet. But when I saw description of this guild it looked more friendly and just chilled out. So yeah thet's the biggest reason why I chose you. About fitting in I really don't know since a lot of guilds turned me down becasue of my age but in the guild I'm currently in the guys are much older than I am but I think we can understand each other and if this guild there are some people that have got the same interests the I have it can be really fun time. And maybe if the have got better experience with certain things that I have it can be fun learning something new. And my motivations are to try and push my skills as far as i can in raiding and overall in WoW and the motivation I have is to find some new friends and to just have fun and enjoy the game and our progrssion in the game.

Please tell us a bit about yourself (the person behind the character), and your interests outside of WoW
There's not much of history about me since I'm only 14 years old but to my biggest interests lies in physics and programming. I also like to ski and climb mountains. Because of my a bit unusal interests I have got a hard time finding some really good friends that have got the same interests as me but maybe it's only because I live in a village and the kids that goes to my school are a bit simplers and don't like to learn much so I hope it will change when I'll go to high school. And also sometimes i think it's funny that my physics teacher strugles answering my questions but yeah that's that to my school life and interests but otherwise I am a normal guy (or maybe even a bit of nerd) that enjoys playin video games.

Please tell us about your history across your main characters. What previous guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? When and why did you start playing the character you are applying with? If you have changed mains, why did you choose to? Feel free to expand upon your answers as you see fit.
My WoW history isn't that bright. I started playing WoW in middle of MoP but i was new to the game so i didn't knew much about the game so I mostly did some dungeons and some stupid things. When WoD came out I was really hyped about the game but still I was a big noob so after i hit level 100 I didn' know what to do next and also I didn' have anybody to play with so I sopped playing the game. Around the end of WoD i started watching some you tube channels based on WoW so that got me into playing WoW again but unfortunately for me it was the end of the expansion to everybody had their gear maxed out and not many people played the game so I tryied to apply to some guilds but with my shitty gear and with my age nobody wanted me. But when Legion came i tryied my best to find a guild and eventualy I found one and it looked like finally I found a stable guild but after some time slowly people began to leave the guild and even two admins left the guild. And currently there are only 5 people the are more or less active. And now I am trying to find another guild.

Can you list your previous and current raiding experience (achieved when current content), along with anything of note, for example specific roles you might have fulfilled. If it's spread across multiple characters, please state which class and role you were fulfilling in each section.
My raiding experience is not bright as you can tell form my previous answers but I am trying my best at farming better gear and iproving my skills and at this point I think I am a decent player and I hope that i could brind some enforcements into your gear roster.

Please tell us which addons you use on your character. Why do you use the ones you have chosen?
So I use following addons:
ElvUI - becasue for me it's the best UI currrently avalible and its pretty nice
TSM - so i can make the best profit out of my professions and overall to make some gold
WeakAuras - I think that the isn't a better or more important addon for Warlocks than this one it helps me to get nice overview of my cooldowns
DoomSharts - it helps me to track my Soul Sharts it fits well into my WeakAuras profile
DBM - I think it's obvious by this one why I am using it it makes the bossfight much easier it gives you a nice overview about the abilities the boss will cast and theres much more
Bagnon - there's nothig special about this one it makes my bag more cleaner and much better organised
How do you prepare for a raid? Go into as much detail as possible as to what you do to help the raid succeed.
So fist of all I prepare all of my flasks and food than chest my durability of the gear. Before every raid I go over all of the tactics of the bosses so I won't mess up. Than I relax a bit so I can be calm and concentrate better.

Please tell us a little about how you play your class. How do you find out or research the theory behind it? How do you decide on upgrades? The more detail the better.
I try to research a lot on forums and on other webistes the rotation that i should do with every new patch I look into the patch notes if anything specific has changed if yes that I try to find something about it if it has changed something or not. And when i comes to upgrading I do a lot fo research too to see if the item or enchant suits to my play style if it looks like it's good I just replace it with my currently equipped item. And for me the No. site to go is Not's forum i don't know if you know about it but it looks like he is a really experienced so I always compare his opinion on some items with mine and than I'll come to a conclusion.

Do you have any questions for us?
No, I don't think so but please don't mind my accidental first post I hitted some buttons by accident and I don't know how to delete it.
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« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb '17, 19:27 »

Sorry to say Achertin, Hexx no longer raids. Thanks for looking us up. Good luck.
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